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Sports such as baseball and football, are very popular for fans. If you have ever seen a game, you would notice that lots of spectators come to these sporting events. While it is fun to have a huge crowd cheering on their favorite teams, it can also be difficult to manage them. It is very important for organizers to make sure that there are enough safety barricades in place to keep each one safe.

One of the most helpful solutions are back stop fences. This the fence that you would often see around stadiums and fields. It is often made of chain link material to ensure that audience can still enjoy the games in full view.

Back stop fences come in four different types. For the best results, we encourage our clients to get all four. Each one serves a specific purpose. And omitting one might mean risking one aspect of safety. If you are curious about the different types of back stop fences, make sure to check the descriptions below:

  • Backstop Fencing

This is the tall fence that you would typically see at the end of the field. It is 4.88 m high and has a thickness of 50 mm. Its primary purpose is to restrain the ball from leaving the field.

  • Protective Fence for the Players

This fence is 2.44 m high. Its function is to protect the player bench and the dugout.

  • Protective Fence for the Spectators

As the name says, this fence keeps the audience safe from unwarranted accidents that the ball in play may bring.

  • Outfield Fence

This fence has a ground clearance of 25.44 mm and has a height of 2.4 m.

These descriptions above should help you get a better and clearer overview of what the back stop fence is and its different kinds.

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