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If you are in search for heavy duty fences, then make sure to get this type of fence. With 17 years of experience, we can confidently say that this type of fence will surely meet your expectations, might exceed even.

This type of fence is among the top choices for fences. It is one of the best choices in the United States, especially because it can be modified according to specific preferences of owners. We can guarantee that these fences are highly reliable at all costs.

Over the years, we found out that many property owners are confused between these two materials. We have met lots of clients who even interchanged them. If you are considering this type of fence, it is very important to know each type and how they are different.

First, aluminum. This material is light and malleable. It can transform into unique different forms to fit well into the design. But despite its lightness and flexibility, it remains to be strong and dependable. What is even more delightful about this material is it requires less care. It has a natural resistance to rust, which means that it can get exposed to moisture without forming stains. Add to that is its beautiful glossy finish.

Meanwhile, steel is denser and sturdier. Its solid nature gives it immense capacity to sustain all kinds of power and impact. These fences are likely to stay upright even in the midst of flash floods. It can even be installed in sloping and flat surfaces. However, unlike aluminum, steel may form rust without sufficient protective coating.

Since these two materials are closely alike, one thing to consider that can help with the decision making is the cost. Essentially, steel costs more than aluminum precisely because it is denser and more compact than the latter.

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