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Temporary fences are very flexible. It can be utilized for various purposes to answer to a specific need. It comes in different types to cater to a wide scope of functions. Here at The Las Vegas Fence Company, we offer four different types of temporary fences.

  • Anti-scale Fences

If you are looking for a temporary fence that can ensure the best security, then this type is the best for you. Anti-scale fences are usually 8 ft tall, which means that it is way above reach of an average height person. Rest assured that this is dependable because it is made of steel and mesh.

  • Panels

We recommend this type of fence for event organizers. Whether it is concert or a music festival in a large stadium or field, or just a big hall for expositions, then this type will definitely be very useful. It comes in different materials such as wood, chain link, and gates.

  • Water Barricades

This type of temporary fence is common in roads and parking spaces. These are the plastic barriers, which are often made up of plastic. It is named water barricade because it greatly relies on water to keep it either movable or stable. To keep it movable, you can easily adjust its weight by draining it of water. Meanwhile, if you want to keep it stable, just make sure to fill it with water instead.

  • Pedestrian Barricades

Events with massive pedestrian attendance should consider this one. Pedestrian barricades are helpful in organizing people to walk on the designated space. It draws a clear division between the road and the space for people to walk.

If you are interested, all of these products are available for rent and for sale. Depending on your needs, you can decide which among these options is more convenient for you.

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