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We typically suggest this specific fence for property owners who are seeking privacy, and yet are concerned about the appearance of their place. This fence is promising as it satisfies both needs. If you are familiar with the fence market, there are not much options available that are both private and beautiful. Truly a rare find.

Ever since 2004, we have met lots of property owners who struggled with finding the best type of fence for their need. It is either they find nice looking fences which are not private, or they find private fences, which do not look pleasing. These property owners would typically end up choosing one function over the other. Lucky them, we have vinyl fences. Most of our clients were thrilled about this fence because of its promising qualities.

Aside from looking nice and private, these fences can also be customized to match all kinds of properties. We offer vinyl fences in different colors. Our color options include the basic swatches to even vivid shades as well. Typically, property owners lean more towards neutral colors like brown, white, and beige. But there is also quite a number who like bright colors, particularly red. Besides modifying the color, we can also customize the color. One of the most popular options we have is the wooden texture. It is the result of mixing together textured clay, textured tan, textured sequoia, walnut, and weathered aspen.

Vinyl fences are available in three different types.

  • Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Among the three, this type can provide complete privacy.

  • Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Unlike the first one, this fence is not as private. It can conceal but not as much as the vinyl privacy fencing.

  • Vinyl Picket Fences

This one has gaps in between, which means it cannot deliver privacy. But this is perfect for households with children.

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