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Las Vegas is one of the most upscale cities there is. Lots of tourists flock to the city for entertainment. With that, residences are also at par with the present living conditions in the area. Almost every neighborhood is as chic as you can imagine.

As a fence contractor in Las Vegas for some time now, we have observed that majority of property owners are very particular about the appearance of their property. For these clients, we often recommend getting cedar wood fences. This type of fence is obviously made up of wood, which is a classic and timeless material. At the same time, it can make any property look better and more elegant. In a city like Las Vegas, getting beautiful fences is as important as having a nice house.

Aside from the fact that Cedar wood fences are visually pleasing, this type of fence can also help with privacy. In a city like Las Vegas where there are tons of guests each time, it is understandable if you want your fences to hide you. It is truly more comforting to know that no one is keeping an eye of your personal business.

To fit better into the varying preferences of people, Cedar wood fences are available in two types. First, the Standard Privacy Type. This can secure the best privacy. Its planks are joined together in a way that leaves no space in between. Rest assured that your house and yard are free from sight. The other type is the Shadowboxing Type. Unlike the first one, this type has small gaps in between. We usually recommend this to those who are not fond of fully private fences.

Wood is usually intimidating to own. But with proper care and regular maintenance, it can surely last up to at least 10 years.

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