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Have you been looking for the right fence, yet you can seem to find the right one for you? Maybe these Simtek fences will fit your needs. If you are looking for fences, which are affordable, presentable, and durable, this might be the one for you. It is often hard to find one single fence that possess all of these three qualities. But the Simtek fence makes it all possible.

If you have not heard of Simtek fences, it is understandable since they are fairly new in the market. Basically, this type of fence is made up of plastic called polyethylene. Before you dismiss this precisely because it is made of plastic, you can look up about this specific type. You will find out that this is nothing like the kind of plastic that we know. Polyethylene is resilient, durable, and can last a long time. In case you are worrying that Simtek fences will melt due to sun exposure, we want to inform you that this has been sun stabilized. Rest assured that it can sustain extreme temperatures. Meanwhile, if you are worrying about strength, it has galvanized steel reinforcements within to ensure stability.

These fences can match any property, especially because it is customizable. Property owners have the option to choose the color and the texture that they prefer for their Simtek fences. Usually, clients opt for red, beige, brown, and white as colors for their fences. Clients who want a more sophisticated feel will further upgrade to get special textures. We also have available options for this, and that includes Bufftech Sherwood, Simtek Ecostone Style, and Simtek Ecostone Privacy.

The price range for this type of fence is somewhere around $2500. The price is inclusive of both material costs and labor costs for the installation of the Simtek fences.

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